I.Tenet of the Company:
To create a more harmonious living space
  Connotation: Being human oriented, create a harmonious work and study space for employees, create a harmonious riding and walking space for users and create a harmonious living space for the general public.

II. Essence of the Corporate Culture:
  Surpass ourselves and start from the very beginning
Connotation: Overcome self-satisfaction and inertness constantly, challenge ourselves by taking every achievement made as a new start point and being in persistent pursuit, keep pace with the times, persist in innovation and accept no limit. 

III. Corporate Spirit;

  The corporate spirit during a fairly long period of time after the joint venture is established: Be of one mind and strive to go all out.
 The corporate spirit since the beginning of the 21st century: Unity, diligence, self-discipline and innovation.


  Unity -- All parties of the joint venture shall collaborate in concerted effort and all the employees shall be of one mind, help each other and create a brilliant future jointly.
Diligence -- Build up a professional idea, intensify professional duty, and accomplish a high quality common cause on our own initiative, in a highly effective, practical and aggressive manner.

Self-discipline -- Safeguard the image of oneself through self-respect, perfect cultivation of moralities through self-communion and realize self-supervision and self-guidance through self-restraint so that the consciousness as to what one ought to do and what one ought not to do can be built up.
Innovation -- Innovation is the soul of progress. Breakthroughs in both technical innovation and management shall be made simultaneously and new growth points shall be looked for in the course of innovation to create a situation that we can manufacture products that other manufacturers can not manufacture and we have superiority over other manufacturers in respect to products that they can also manufacture.